What’s The Temperature Now?

Weather all around the country has been crazy. Global warming? Unrelated climate changes? We don’t know for sure, and we’re not here to speculate. United Air Temp focuses on something different: providing homeowners with ways to stay comfortable regardless of what’s going on outside. Around here, you’ll hear us discussing terms like building envelope, heating and cooling power, and geothermal heating/cooling.

Being weather-savvy is good for you and for the environment. When you recognize that what it feels like outside has an impact on what it feels like inside, you’re more able to take into account current weather conditions when you plan temperature settings. The end result is that you’re more comfortable, and the environment is less strained by your efforts to maintain your home’s temperature.

To be clear, we’re not here to make a political stand or to advocate for environmentalism. We’re just here to help you stay comfortable in the hottest of hot temperatures, and warm when the weather dips well below freezing. That’s what United Air Temp is all about.

Curious about your local weather? Use our convenient tool to find out the up-to-the minute details for your area, as well as a forecast for what to expect in the near future. Don’t hesitate to use it for more than just forecasting and home temp – United Air Temp is happy to see it used for everything from determining what to wear to trip planning.